Radio VHF ATEX, Walkie-Talkie senza licenza DMR446. 

Prodotta da ENTEL UK Ltd, è l'ultima aggiunta alla serie digitale DTEx di radio ATEX a sicurezza intrinseca.

Il DTEx di livello industriale offre un audio eccezionalmente forte accoppiato con un'eccezionale chiarezza audio e i comandi ergonomici sono appositamente progettati per l'uso con le mani guantate.

Con un grado di protezione IP68 la DTEx MIL-STD-810 è completamente sommergibile, perfetta per resistere agli ambienti più estremi e ostili.


Environmental protection to IP68 (2 Meters for 4 hours) - The DTEx Series offers the highest submersibility rating of any manufacturer. This protects against corrosion, withstanding total immersion in water to a depth of 2 metres for 4 hours to protect against the likely hazards encountered in extremely wet environments.High contrast white on black OLED display - DT900 display models benefit from a high contrast white on black OLED display that delivers superior readability in varying light conditions adding to the DT900’s intuitive user interface.

Li-Ion battery technology & improved talk time - DT900 radios are supplied with the latest intelligent Lithium-Ion battery technology as standard. One key advantage of Lithium-Ion battery technology is the way it eliminates ‘memory effect’, meaning that there is no need to fully discharge your battery before recharging.

Superior Audio - Using the latest noise reduction technology Entel’s DTEx portables deliver loud & crisp audio no matter what environment you are in. All of the DTEx range of accessories incorporate a robust locking plug and high-grade cable and benefit from Entel’s proprietary “Smart Speech Tailoring” technology. This automatically detects the type of accessory connected and optimizes the audio accordingly to deliver the very best performance.