Company Profile

Who we are - Our Mission

Since 1994 we design and manufacture in Italy for the international market devices and terminals for industrial telecommunications . We have a very wide range of Service Emergency communication devices of long duration and very high reliability , made in waterproof, vandal-proof enclosures and explosion-proof ATEX .

Both Design and Production are 100% carried out in Italy , in our Assago plant.

Our history

Strongly focused on our mission, since 1994 we invest in the development of special communication terminals intended for use in the harshest and most difficult environments

We have always worked closely with our customers to develop equipment adhering to the growing demand for quality, performance, durability and reliability

  • 1994 - Foundation
  • 2005 - Inauguration of the Assago plant
  • 2009 - Factory expansion up to 2000sqm
  • 2015 - Inauguration of the training center


Performance always in line with continuous technological evolution.


Provide our customers with high quality and long lasting parts.