Altoparlanti IP66 impermeabili per l'industria, disponibili in molte versioni per linee da 100 V con trasformatore, con amplificatore incorporato (Classe D - 25 W) alimentazione 24 V CC, con impedenza 4 - 8 - 16 Ω.

Amplfied 25W

AP9C-AM2 is an IP66 waterproof speaker equipped with a class D - 25W integrated audio amplifier, powered at 24Vdc. It allows the creation of simple PA / GA systems, without having to install a centralized amplifier.

  • Sound pressure 120 dB
  • Audio input 0dB / 600 Ω
Order Codes
  • AP12-AM2

for 100V Lines

AP12-TC2 is an IP66 waterproof speaker equipped with a classic adapter transformer for 100V lines. There are several sockets on the transformer to choose the output power.

  • Sound pressure 120 dB
Order codes
  • AP12-TC1 25W

Impedance 16

AP12-IM16 is an IP66 waterproof speaker for constant impedance amplifiers. It is normally used in combination with our OCEAN® and GOLENA® series intercom stations.

  • Sound pressure 118dB
  • Impedance 16 Ω- 25 W
  • AP12-IM16