TelDia® is an Interrogation and Programming software that can be used with all Emergency and Service telephones of our production equipped with the Smart option. This option is available on all our Analog, VoIP and GSM terminals, thanks to the intelligence on board of the telephone terminal, it allows the device to selfdetermine its status through periodic self-test sessions.TelDia® allows periodic automatic control of entire fleets of telephones, obtaining a clear view of the service status of each terminal. The query results are stored on Excel© files, as well as being viewable on the screen through an intuitive graphic interface. The results can be automatically forwarded via e-mail to predefined recipients. The software also allows programming and reprogramming of the terminals, to change parameters and activate or deactivate functions. By using one or more TelDia® modems, each of which must be connected to the telephone network (FXS port of PBX or VoIP accreditation on SIP Server), it is possible to obtain a photograph of the status of a network of emergency telephones in the arc of few minutes. The system also allows operating in manual mode, intervening individually on each individual terminal.