Marine intercom, up to 10 stations.

VESSELCOM® is a marine intercom system designed for simple communication networks on small vessels, up to 10 devices. Each IP66-IK10 intercom station is equipped with 10 buttons for direct communication with the other devices and a dedicated button for the general call (all devices at the same time). The blue, green, red LEDs associated with each call button show a clear situation of who is free or busy. There are no limits on the number of simultaneous conversations and the secrecy of the conversation is guaranteed. The communication channels are immediately available when you press the button for the station you want to call. Conversations are managed in Push-to-Talk mode, so as to guarantee high quality and intelligibility even in noisy areas. The system is designed to be interfaced with an existing Public Address, so that from each location it is possible to send a voice message through the PA loudspeakers. VESSELCOM® can be powered at 110 ÷ 240Vac and automatically accesses a 24Vdc source in the event of a power failure.


Wall station IP66-IK10

VESSELCOM® is a communication system expressly developed for use in the naval environment. It does not require any network infrastructure, nor any switching unit, but simply a copper cable network and a 230Vac and / or 24Vdc power supply.

  • Construction material: die-cast aluminum
  • RAL7020 gray color
  • Loudspeaker / microphone: ponds integrated in the front
  • Wall mounting
  • Connection: removable screw terminals
  • Dimensions: 180 x 260 x 42mm
  • Weight: 2.0 kg
  • Max. / Min. amb. Temp: 40 ° C ÷ + 60 ° C
  • Cable entry: 2 cable glands for cables Ø5 ÷ 8 mm)
  • 10 call buttons (blue / green / red LED)
  • Push-to-Talk button (PTT)
  • General call button
  • PA call button
  • Microphone or headphone jack with microphone
  • Knob for volume adjusting

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